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Charlotte Seymour


After graduating from Oxford with a degree in French & Italian, Charlotte worked as a literary scout at Eccles Fisher Associates. In April 2015, she joined Andrew Nurnberg Associates, where she handles English-language rights and is actively building a list of fiction and non-fiction.

In fiction, Charlotte is looking for stories that grip and move her, be they nail-biting and suspenseful, funny and uplifting or heart-breaking. She loves beautiful writing that crosses boundaries, whether geographic or linguistic or in bringing a twist to a genre. She has a penchant for the dark and haunting, and occasionally a hint of the speculative or uncanny. She is always on the hunt for a great love story.

In non-fiction, she is looking for accessible, engaging writing on a range of subjects including popular science, social and environmental issues, linguistics, social and cultural history, nature, food and cookery, and popular culture. She especially loves hybrid books, for example, when in a memoir, the personal is interwoven with a bigger story or subject.

Charlotte enjoys working editorially with her authors, bringing existing projects to fruition and helping come up with new ideas. As well as championing literature in translation, she is eager to see more submissions from new and original voices in English from around the world.

As of January 2019, Charlotte is Secretary of the Association of Authors’ Agents (AAA).

See here for more about what Charlotte is working on and enjoys reading, an interview with the London Writers’ Club and a blog piece on a day in the life of a literary agent.

Twitter: @ce_seymour


Charlotte’s authors include:

Martine Bailey Miranda Levy  Francesca Reece
Tunde Farrand Luminary Bakery Elizabeth Romer
Natalie Fergie Tina Makereti Emily & Giselle Roux
Shauna Gilligan Paul McQuade Joanne Rush 
Ann Gosslin Dunya Mikhail Florence Schechter
Vicky Hayward Matt Morgan
Bethany Rose Lamont Sarah Pearse


She also represents the following authors on behalf of partner agencies and publishers: 

Franck Bouysse Sheila Kohler Noelle Salazar
Catherine Cusset Camille Laurens Mihail Sebastian
Temple Drake Dennis Lehane Daniel Speck
Dan Fesperman Sahar Mustafah Peter Stamm
Margaret George R.K. Narayan Michael Stanley
Lucie Greene Marge Piercy
Brendan Kiely Steven Rowley


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