The Diaries of the Master and Margarita

The Diaries of the Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov (Estate)
Pub date 1st January 2001
International publishers Nakladatelstvi Academia (Czech Republic), Muza (Poland)
Publisher (UK) Alma Books (April 2013)


In 1926 Bulgakov’s diaries titled “Under the hill” were confiscated. Since then the writer did not dare to put in writing much of his thoughts, however he continued his struggle against the almighty state. In his letters to Stalin and to the USSR government, to the head of NKVD (the People’s Comissariat for Internal Affairs) Jagoda and to the literary critic Lunacharskiy, to his fellow writer Gorkiy and to his friends and relatives Bulgakov developed some of the ideas and thoughts originally entered in the diary.

Elena Sergeevna Bulgakova, a wife and lifelong friend to Bulgakov, a prototype for Margarita in the famous novel, started her diary in 1933 on Bulgakov’s insistence. Some of the entries were made under his dictation. The diaries and letters of the Bulgakovs are now a novel in themselves, a captivating tale of an artist’s fate in a totalitarian state.  


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