Royal Rebel

Royal Rebel Carina Axelsson
Pub date 3rd January 2019
International publishers Fleurus Editions (France), Zhorzh (Ukraine)  
Publisher (UK) Usborne

She’s a perfect princess in the making, learning to take her place in eight hundred years of proud Waldenburg royal tradition…But Lily is also a fashion-obsessed teen with a highly successful and very secret style vlog, one that no one at the palace knows about – especially not her mother, the queen. After all, a fashion vlog is not something a royal princess should be spending time on – not with so many more important things to do.

According to Waldenburg royal tradition Lily must, on her fourteenth birthday, begin taking on official royal duties. To this end she must dedicate her thirteenth year to learning everything there is to know about being a perfect princess, culminating in her official introduction to the people of Waldenburg, at a huge ball held at the palace, on her birthday.



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