Life and Fate

Life and Fate Vasily Grossman (Estate)
Pub date 1st January 1985
Original publisher Editions L'Age d'Homme (Switzerland - Russian language), 1980
International publishers Companhia (Brazil), Imaginist (China), Fraktura (Croatia), Euromedia (Czech), Ullstein (Germany), Govostis (Greece), Europa (Hungary), Adelphi (Italy), Emons (Italy), Misuzu Shobo (Japan), Meerkat Books (Korea), Balans (Netherlands), Historia & Kultura (Norway), Noir sur Blanc (Poland), Dom Quixote (Portugal), Polirom (Romania), Sluzbeni Glasnik (Serbia), Ikar (Slovakia), Galaxia Gutenberg (Spain), Random House Mondadori (Latin-America), Historsika Media (Sweden), New Rain (Taiwan), Can Yayinlari (Turkey), Family Leisure Club (Ukraine) Nha Nam (Vietnam)
Publisher (UK) Harvill Press
Publisher (US) The New York Review of Books

Written 1959, first published in Russian in the west in 1980, in English in 1985, and in the Soviet Union in 1988

Translated from the Russian by Robert Chandler

At the centre of this epic novel, overshadowing the lives of its huge cast of Russian and German characters, looms the battle of Stalingrad. Within a world torn apart by ideological tyranny and war, Grossman’s character must work out their destinies. This sweeping account aims to give as panoramic a view of Soviet society during World War II as Tolstory did of Russian life in the epoch of the Napoleonic Wars. Completed in 1960 and then confiscated by the KGB, it remained unpublished at the time of the author’s death in 1964 but was smuggled into the West in 1980, where it was hailed a masterpiece.


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