Maria Pothou

Maria Pothou

Maria Lampadaridou Pothou is a bestselling author in Greece and has published both historical and contemporary fiction as well as poetry and plays. She was educated at the Panteion University of Athens and the Sorbonne, Paris. While in Paris, she met Samuel Beckett, with whom she corresponded for more than twenty years after he became interested in her plays. She also became his translator and reviewer, and published a book of essays about him. Her work has been highly acclaimed by the Academy of Athens as well as other literary societies, and has been translated into English, French and Swedish.

She has won numerous awards for her work, including the 2001 Greek State Theatre Prize and two Academy of Athens prizes for her novels With the Storm Lamp and Maroula of Lemnos. Her poetry collection The Mystic Passage was nominated by the Greek Ministry of Culture for the Prize of Europe. Her novels have been the basis of doctoral theses by students in Italy and Greece.  She lives in Athens.


Titles by Maria Pothou

Hypsipyle - the Queen of Blood (Patakis, 2010)

Sacred Symbols (Kedros, 2009)

Spartan (or ‘The Wooden Wall’) (Kedros, 2006)

The Sacred River (Patakis, 2003)

A Woman of Lemnos (Guernica, 2002)

The Anniversary of the Roses (Kedros, 2002)

The Angel of Ashes (Kedros, 2001)

The Sixth Seal (Kedros, 1999)

Byzantium: The Fall (Kedros, 1996)

Natalia and Christina (Kalendis, 1994; Agyra, 2010)

With the Storm Lamp (Kalendis, 1993; Kedros, 2008)

Nikiforos Fokas (Kedros, 1992)

Body Remember Not Only How Much You Were Loved (Kalendis, 1990; Kedros, 2012)

Doxanio (Kedros, 1990)

Maroula of Lemnos (Kedros, 1986)

Grey City (Kalendis, 1971; Govostis, 2011)

English translations by Theony Condos, Professor of Classics, Santa Barbara University